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See, this is why kids shouldn't have Espresso. No, no, no, I told you no more coffee. Snitches get stitches. They have me working a double again, so Carl's gonna pick you up. I know. It's been a tough year for all of us. But he's there for me when I need him. And lately, I've really needed him. So let's all put on our be-nice-to-Carl faces, okay? Okay, we'll work on it, we'll work on it. Listen, have a great first day.

I love you so much. Be on your best behavior. Quiet in the hallways, please. I'd like to have a silent hallway one of these days. Excuse me, young man. What is your name? Rafe Khatchadorian. What did you just say to me? It's my last name. I'm new. Well, being new does not entitle you to swagger in here with no clothes on. I'm wearing clothes. No, those aren't clothes. Those are rule violations. Every single thing you have on flies in the face of rule number What's rule number 22? Are you telling me that you haven't read our code of conduct? All right, if I don't tell you, I won't get in trouble, right?

The code of conduct, young man. Read it, learn it, live it. Rule number 22 is, "always obey the dress code. Look what's happening to the collar of your shirt here. Your headphones are dragging it open. Nobody needs to see where your chest hairs are going to be.

Yeah, okay, yeah, got it. How about, "got it, sir"? Rule number one here at hills village is to respect your principal. And since I am the principal, that means you need to respect me by calling me "sir," or if you prefer, "principal Dwight. You have recognized my keen sense of humor. Not everybody does.

Good man. Okay, good. All right. On your way into school, which is that way. There he is! Ah, intense, huh? Hey, Georgia thought I was gonna end up in prison, but I think I'm already here. Yeah, well, you know, at least in prison we can carve, like, shanks out of toothbrushes, you know. It's good to see you, Leo. Honestly, I didn't think you'd be here, too. This was the last school in the district that would take us. Is your name David? Were you carved by Michelangelo? Stop standing around like a statue. You're blocking the flow of traffic.

Yeah, you heard the warden, get back to your cell, Rafe. Hallway etiquette is no laughing matter, young man. And rule number 11 clearly states, "no loitering in the halls. Okay, sir? It's vice principal Stricker. Go, now. Do you know how to sync this to your phone? Doesn't your dad work at best buy?

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Oh, yeah, he does. Just in marketing. So you don't get any free stuff? I do, but mostly office supplies. You got it? It's just homeroom. We'll wait. Okay, let's start class. Please put your phone away during class. You can't rate teachers on yelp anyway. I've tried. So we have a new student today. I'm assuming you are I'm a transfer student, sir. Oh, you don't have to call me "sir. And I already feel old. I drive a Saturn. It's just, principal Dwight told me to call everyone "sir. Well, I don't see any principal Dwight in here. Do you? Seriously, do you? Because he is a master of disguise.

So we have a new transfer student today whose name I'm realizing I did not ask just now. What's your name? It would suck to have to spell that dumb name. Well, Rafe, welcome to hell. Back to the homework from last night. You all listened to the Drake and future mixtape last night. Because today we will be talking about fair trade. There's a hot track and it's produced by future's Hendrix crew. Drizzy, champagne papi, is in the studio with future and he says, "hey, yo, let me get on that track. I thought we were boys.

Not anymore, once NATO came along. So, now there is no tax. So champagne papi and young Hendrix can be on each other's tracks without having to charge anybody. Much the way that America and Canada have goods importing and exporting. Hey, kick-a-dorkian. Does anyone have any questions, comments? It's Miller time. Stay out of my way, or I'll wedgie you so bad you'll be able to taste your underwear. Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready for the pain event. Oh, this one always delivers a fistful of hollers!

The grip-n-rip! Holy Yosemite! Want to lodge a complaint? It's the beaver-tail! Irritating, even to people just watching, the man-bun! Over-rated and over-exposed, the Kardashian! You get that I can kick your butt, right? My bad. There is an agreement. Free trade. For tomorrow, I want everybody to become familiar with every single member of the Wu-tang clan.

We're gonna take a little trip to the Bronx. So, in conclusion I'm not just gonna stand here and make a bunch of promises. Just this. You should vote for me because my dad is super rich and my stepmom is really hot. Oh, ho, ho! Stormin' Norman, what a speech! Well done. Uh, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Jeanne Galleta, President of the av club. I'm guessing most of you don't know what that is, since I'm also the only member. Gandhi once said, "we have to be the change we wish to see.

Was just dumb. We have to bring it back, so we can express ourselves as human beings and not just a bunch of robots. Also, we've gotta do something about this dress code, okay? It stifles individuality! Oh, look at that, we're out of time. Sorry, miss Galleta. No, no, no. No, don't clap. Just hold your clapping till the end. I think we're probably all voting for Norman anyway, right? I've seen his stepmom. You're not kidding. All right, folks, you know That's not funny. Why is this wrapped around Let's not wrap the microphone around the stand anymore.

It's annoying. Folks, in two months, we will all be competing for something of the utmost importance. Who knows what I'm referring to? I can't hear you! Now you're just yelling. No yelling! That's right. In eight short weeks, we will all be taking the baseline assessment of academic readiness! Hey, you there! Do you love your parents? I guess so. Hear me when I tell you, you don't love them an eighth as much as I love this test! A few years ago, my wife asked me to stop paying so much attention to the b. And pay a little more attention to her.

Well, she's gone now, and I have no regrets. And, folks, if we are going to maintain our number one standing, which we most certainly do wanna do This is hilarious! Oh, my gosh! Zombie Dwight! Only the b. And nothing but the b. No, come on, give it Hey, what's with all the kerfuffle out there?

This is legit hilarious. Hand over the notebook, Deenie, if you know what's good for you. Smart move! This concludes our assembly. I don't look like that. I don't look like that at all. Son, as principal, I think of myself as the father of this school. And there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect a child.

Do you follow me? You think the students are your children. The students aren't my children. The school is my child. And you attacked my child today. You punched it in the face. What kind of a person punches a child in the face? That was a very important assembly, and you ruined it. Honestly, I was just doodling. Listen, man, I am totally into creativity. I really dig it. I'm a hip cat from way back. You better believe it. But it doesn't belong in school.

Art should be locked up in a museum where old people can enjoy it or children on field trips. We get to go on field trips to art museums? God, no. That's a complete waste of time. We're not doing that. All right! Rule number Read it out loud, please. And destroyed. Very good. You're a good reader. Gus, bring your bucket in here, please. The yellow bucket. This is a bucket full of acid that will completely dissolve your notebook. It's probably not a great idea to keep a bucket full of acid in a middle school, but if you can think of a better way to dissolve notebooks, I'm all ears.

Why are you still here? Goodbye, offensive and inappropriate material. Wait, hold on. Look, please, I've had that book forever. And, I mean, I worked so hard on all those drawings. Well, maybe if you had worked that hard on something worthwhile instead, like, for instance, your school work, we wouldn't be here right now.

Please, you don't understand. These drawings mean everything to me. In that case Rules are rules. You guys are doomed. This super stinks. Tech support. Here we go. Peace out! It was an honor serving with you, sir. I'm sorry I used your toothbrush to pick out my nose. Yeah, me too.

Your new principal sucks! Don't forget to draw me on the other side, Rafe! Hey, man. I don't wanna talk about it, all right? Hey, you, uh You ever open that thing I got you? I'm sorry, I forgot. No worries, man. You've been busy. I just think it might be a good time, you know? Might cheer you up. It's whatever, though. Doesn't matter. You want a ride? You're funny. No, not with that Dufus. All right, well, I'm out of here. Good luck. Hop in! You know I can't come to a complete stop. Let's go! Hurry up! Let's go. Come on. Bear, why'd you get a stick if you don't know how to drive it?

It's not a true sports car if it's an automatic, all right? Besides, I really like to feel the road when I'm driving. Hey, towel, please. Sorry, I almost got "person" on your seat. Hey, "f" your "I," these seats are Italian leather, all right? I'm trying to keep them nice for the re-sale. Bear, you do know you can't sell a car you don't own. Don't own yet, my friend.

Don't own yet. Not so close to the car, fat boy! Come here, Calvin. Come here, boy. You're a good boy. Don't listen to that mean man. You did that on purpose. So sue me. I wish mom knew what a butt wipe you are. Butt wipes feel pretty good. Who doesn't love a butt wipe, huh? Everyone loves a butt wipe. So I guess the joke is on you. The joke's on you. Oh, hey. What's up, man? Oh, cool. You found it. Oh, no. Don't read the card because then things are gonna get sappy or whatever, and I hate that. So just open the present. I figured your other one, may it rest in peace, was almost full, so you probably need another one.

It's awesome, man. Thank you. I mean, all my best stuff was in my last sketch book. Comics, inventions. Expertly drawn boobs. Those were realistic. I think. I hope. But the Vinlothians. You made the star cruiser. You made their planet. You even came up with their battle cry. What was it? And, like, their language. Their star cruiser night club. Could you lower your voice, please? What for? I said, "shh. Okay, you don't want them to know I'm here. No offense, but mom doesn't think you're the best influence. Oh, okay. Well, she's not wrong about that.

Okay, Rafe. Back to the book thing. Are you ready for the greatest idea in the history of ideas? Dwight trashed your book, right? So, you trash his. Yeah, I guess that could be kind of fun. We'd take the shredder from the back We don't wanna shred the rule book. You wanna shred the actual rules. Every stupid rule in this dumb code of conduct. Leo, are you kidding me? And get kicked out of another school? I would be disowned.

No, you won't. You wanna know why? So you're saying we do it anonymously? It is up to us to speak for the voiceless, to be vigilantes for freedom. We've got eight weeks before Dwight tries to measure our worth on a bunch of bubbles on a Scantron. I'm sick of people trying to suck the fun out of childhood. Let's stop the suck! Let's show them that we don't give a What rhymes with suck? Nothing good. Let's stick it to the man. Hi, mom. You're all dressed and ready for school.

What's going on? Uh, I'm just excited to get to school early. Of course. There's something sticking on your shoe. What is this? Oh, wow. Hey, Gus. Whoever did this was committed to their art. Get to class. This is not a gallery. And that's not art. Move it. Hey, Miller! What are you staring at, crap-a-dukian?

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You know what that is? That's the kickter scale, and it's acting up. You know, it's still a good day. Okay, everybody. Time for our daily dose of morning propaganda. Rules, regulations, respect. Principal Dwight? We're live. Oh, my god. Good morning, hills village. You may have noticed on your way into school today that many surfaces were covered in brightly-colored pieces of paper. This was a horrible act of vandalism. Rest assured, I will find the hooligans who defaced our school in this manner. And when I find them, they'll be sorry because I will punish them in ways that I haven't even dreamed up yet.

There will be no further distractions to our b. R preparation. The microphone is on the Fritz, sir. You may wanna wrap it up. Remember what I always say, do whatever I tell you, every single time. I thought that went all right. I can tell you want my '65 Shelby cobra, but guess what? It's mine.

I won it. And then you took it. You won it with my money. So technically, it's mine. Plus, I beat you at speed of light. Hey, look! It's a talking bear! Why do you insist on calling me that? You know my name is Carl. Well, a, "Carl" rhymes with "snarl," which is something bears do. And, b, you're, like, abnormally hairy. Just hurry up, all right? Game of thrones starts in 10 minutes. And if I miss the recap, I'm totally screwed. Wait, but we haven't even had dessert yet.

That's the best part! You better change your mindset on this whole dessert thing, all right? Or you're gonna end up as fat as your dog. That's probably why you're so farty. Your face is farty. And Calvin giggles is just big-boned. Just chew so we can get out of here, huh? Hi, folks, I'm Dana. I'll be taking over for Sandy. Her shift just ended. Would you like me to bring the check? I thought you were in a hurry. A hurry to get you adorable kids the best dessert Dave and buster's has to offer, huh? Got my friend's kids with me today. Did you just say your "friend's kids"?

Tell you what. Just get whatever you guys want for dessert, all right? Provided it's not caviar, huh? I'll go grab the dessert menus. She's gonna grab the dessert menus. All right, here's the deal. I am gonna go take a dump. Don't screw anything up, all right? There we go. That's the stuff. Salt and pepper. Hey, slow down! Where you going, huh?

I just wanna get some honey, honey.

The Athletic Boy - FULL Movie (Drama, Romance) đź’Ą

Oh, honey? I got your honey right here. Oh, what the What is that smell? This gets me so mad! I have an idea. Let's pee in his Cologne. No, we can't do that. That would be way too much of an improvement. Why are there so many jerks in my life right now? It looks like we've just received a generous donation from one of them.

Is that Bear's credit card number. How nice of bear to fund phase two of operation rules aren't for everyone. And maybe some new kicks. Forget drawing. You may be missing your calling as an electrical engineer. Or a bank robber. Seriously, I think I'm learning more by breaking the rules than I ever have by preparing for some dumb test.

Oh, no! I can't believe people are actually into our work. We're trending, Rafe! This is the work of the legends. I wish there was one person who I could share all this with. What, like, besides me? No way! Way too risky, man. Like, come on! Later, khatcha-borian. Dream of Jeanne.

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Can I have one? Oh, yeah. Hey, you're that guy. No, I'm not. The guy who clapped for my speech? Oh, yeah! That was me. I'm Rafe. That's one vote. That was easy. Can you believe that something this cool is actually happening at our school? You think the graffiti is, like, really cool? Well, not just that. I think the post-it thing was amazing too.

And Dwight's hair. I just love that someone has the guts, you know, to take on the establishment. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Check out how many likes it got on my Facebook page. That means that it's actually spreading to other schools. Hey, um Do you wanna know a secret? You're anonymous. I'm really just digging your boots! Good job. Good choice. So what are you doing after school next Friday? Do you wanna go on a Yeah, a date. A fundraiser. That's what I was thinking. Yeah, I love funds. And raising things. Raising things is fun. What are we fund and raising for?

Love them. Have you seen that heartbreaking YouTube video about how the polar bears are getting stranded on melting ice floes?

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And I'm trying to make a difference here, but it's just so crazy with the studying for the testing of the b. And everyone's just so busy. If I hear one more thing about the b. Me, too. So, uh, you're in? I mean, I can "bear-ly" wait. No, that was a dumb joke.

It was "bear-ly" because Okay, yeah. I see what you did there. Actually, that was kind of funny. Okay, so yeah. I'll see you then. You almost blew our cover! She was just way cool, dude!

What I Learned From The Worst Year Of My Life

You gotta be careful, okay? Opening up to people can Well, it can get you hurt. Am I right? You don't have to be such a jerk about it. But, hey, you can always trust me. One for all and all for one. We'll just massage this in and get you back to your natural color. Just lean back, relax, and let me take care of everything. I can't relax. Have you seen this website discussion? It's gone bacterial. Even worse, ever since those punks started disrupting everything, the kids have been slacking off.

This morning I heard laughing. Principal photography began on November 21, in Atlanta , Georgia. Lionsgate released the film on October 7, Rafe Khatchadorian, who enjoys a passion for art and has an incredible imagination, transfers mid-semester to Hills Village Middle School after being kicked out of the only two other schools in the entire district that would accept him. On his first day, he meets the strict and exceedingly vain Principal Ken Dwight and his obsequious Vice-principal , Ida Stricker.

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Dwight forces students to comply with an extensive list of rules that are mostly senseless while Stricker follows along with his antics. Later that day, an assembly focused on the BaseLine Assessment of Academic Readiness standardized test, led by Dwight, is interrupted when another student grabs Rafe's sketchbook in which he had drawn the principal as a zombie repeating "B. Dwight responds by destroying the sketchbook in a bucket of acid, much to the devastation of Rafe.

Later that day, Rafe is back in his room with his best friend, Leo, who suggests that to get even, Rafe should destroy Dwight's rule book. To show the ridiculousness of Dwight's rules, Rafe and Leo pull several pranks such as papering the walls of the hallways as well as Dwight's office with colored sticky notes, rigging the period bell to make it end with a fart , filling the teachers' lounge with plastic balls, putting pink hair dye in Dwight's hat, and turning the trophy case into a fish tank , complete with an eel.

These pranks gain the attention and admiration of Rafe's fellow students, including Jeanne Galletta, on whom Rafe develops an immediate crush. In the chaos, Dwight, obsessed with his school's performance on the BLAAR, realizes that if he can exclude the remedial class, which includes Rafe, from the test, then the average scores will improve.

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Dwight frames several students from the class by secretly putting items in their lockers that make it appear like they were responsible for the pranks and suspends the whole class for a week, and even uses the opportunity to unlawfully fire Mr. Teller, the compassionate remedial class teacher who, along with the other teachers, disagrees with Dwight and Stricker's antics and sees through Dwight's plan. Rafe immediately goes to Dwight's office and begs him to not suspend the other students since he was the one responsible for the pranks; when Dwight refuses, Rafe creates a wild dance party via the sprinkler system and fire alarm , soaking the school and the students in colored dye that was intended to be yet another one of his pranks, which prompts an enraged Dwight to expel Rafe permanently.

While acknowledging that it is not ideal, it represents what may be the only option left. She also pauses to reflect the passing of Rafe's younger brother Leo, revealing that Leo had been imagined the whole time by Rafe. Later that evening, Jeanne shows up at Rafe's house with evidence: a VHS tape containing a documentary of the school she had recorded with surveillance footage of Dwight putting the items "found" in the student lockers himself to frame the students so that they would get suspended and the test would be rigged.

With this evidence, Rafe, Jeanne, and Georgia gather the suspended students from the remedial class outside the middle school, along with the janitor Gus, who also dislikes Dwight's rules, and pull together a plan to get revenge on Dwight and Stricker. The next morning, Jules discovers that neither Rafe nor Georgia are home and becomes concerned about their disappearance, but when Bear shows more concern in the fact that his car is missing as it was stolen by the kids, she finally realizes that he is nothing more than a "selfish jerk".

Meanwhile, with B. Gus shows up in a cart to pick up Rafe while Dwight gives chase, only to have a pile of manure dumped all over him. Just as Dwight catches up with Rafe and Gus, Mr. Teller arrives with Superintendent Hwang whom Rafe hands over the video proving Dwight's guilt. After viewing the video, Hwang fires both Dwight and Stricker for creating unlawful rules, illegally rigging the B. Teller, illegally expelling Rafe, and framing and unlawfully suspending and expelling the students of his class, and Hwang also plans to press charges and have Dwight arrested.

When Dwight puts his hat on, he realizes that it has green hair dye in it, though instead of being shocked, he accepts the joke this time. Teller gets his job back. After school, Jules soon arrives to pick up Rafe and Georgia, Bear also arrives in a taxi and is enraged that his car was partially damaged. Bear angrily lashes out at both Rafe and Georgia, however Jules comes to their defense and dumps Bear for his abusive behavior.

Bear storms away in a huff, and the family go home. Rafe is later seen that night outside the school conversing with Leo, who tells him that since Rafe has now made friends with some of his classmates, he is no longer needed to fill that void. As Leo departs on a spaceship with aliens that Rafe has created in his earlier sketchbook, Rafe and Jeanne share a kiss, breaking rule 86 which is the final rule Rafe needed to break for an ends justify the means deed.

Leopoldo Gout and Bill Robinson were set to produce the film, along with CBS Films , which handles international sales, with Lionsgate handling distribution. Principal photography on the film began on November 21, in Atlanta , Georgia , [4] [5] and wrapped on January 19, CBS Films distributes the film through its partnership deal with Lionsgate. The film was released on October 7, Variety ' s Joe Leydon commended director Steve Carr for grounding the comedic aspects of the film in a "candy-colored facsimile" of reality and the cast for admirably performing their roles, highlighting both Gluck and Daly as "well-matched opponents", calling it "A youth-skewing comedy-fantasy with possible cross-generational appeal.

He added that the film "delivers an easily digestible and amusing portrait of youthful hijinks that should well please its target audience […] prove modestly successful in its theatrical release before enjoying a long life in home video formats. Jesse Hassenger of The A. Club gave the film a 'C-' grade. He said "[T]hough its title and general tone lament the stifling atmosphere of the years between childhood and full-fledged teenhood, the movie misses the animal hostility and physical awkwardness of genuine tweens. On October 3, , Patterson announced that he is developing a sequel to the film.

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