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Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele, und was in mir ist, seinen heiligen Namen. Ihr, seine Engel, lobet den Herrn! English translation. Voice of Christianity : Lord, you are the God who has made heaven and earth and the sea. The heathens protest, Lord, against you and your Christ. And now, Lord, see their threats, and give to your servants all joy to speak your Word. To God alone in the highest is honour and thanks for his mercy; therefore can our repose be touched by no harm, now or ever. Completely without measure is his power, all that happens is according to his will.

Well are we, well the people of the Lord. Narrator S : The whole body of believers were of one heart and soul. Stephen, however, full of belief and power, worked miracles before the people, and the scribes were not able to withstand the wisdom and spirit with which he spoke. So they selected a few men, and said to them:. Two False Witnesses bass soli : We have heard him speak blasphemy against this holy place and the law. Narrator S : And the people and the elders became agitated, and went to him and seized him and led him before the council and said:.

The Jews : This person doesn't cease to blaspheme against Moses and against God.

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Have we not solemnly commanded that he should not teach in this Name? And look, he has filled Jerusalem with his teaching.

Because we have heard him say: Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and change the customs that Moses has handed down to us. Narrator S : And all of them who sat on the Council stared at him, and saw his face to be like that of an angel. The High Priest asked: "Is this true?

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Stephen : Beloved brothers and fathers, listen: the God of glory appeared to our fathers, rescued the people out of all distress and gave them salvation. However they did not listen to him. He sent Moses into Egypt, because he saw their suffering and heard their moaning. However they disowned him and would not obey him and thrust him from them and made sacrifices to their idols.

Solomon built the Lord a house, but the Almighty does not live in temples that have been made with hands. Heaven is his seat and the earth is his footstool. Has not his hand made all things? You stubborn people, you always resist the Holy Spirit! As your fathers, so also you. Which prophets have your fathers not persecuted? In the past they killed those who foretold the coming of the Righteous One, whose murderers you have become. You have received the law through the angels and have not kept it. The Jews : Away, away with him!

He blasphemes against God, and whoever God blasphemes, dies! Voice of Jesus S : Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets, you who stone those sent unto you.

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How often have I wished to gather your children, and you wished it not! Narrator T : But they stormed on him and dragged him out of the city and stoned him and cried out loudly:. Narrator T : And they stoned him. He knelt down and cried out loudly: "Lord, do not hold this sin against them!

Lord Jesus, into your hands I commend my spirit" And as he said that, he died.

You, Lord, to you I will surrender myself, you, whose property I am. You alone, you are my life, and so death then becomes to me a gain. I live to you, I die to you, you alone are mine, so I am fulfilled. Narrator S : And the witnesses laid their clothes at the feet of a youth called Saul. He took pleasure in his death. Stephen was buried by certain devout men who made a great lamentation for him. Voice of Christianity : Behold! We praise the blissful, who has suffered. Because though the flesh dies, the soul will live.

Narrator T : Saul however disrupted the congregation and raged with threats and murders against the disciples and slandered them and said:. They will not recognize that you alone are the Lord, the Highest all over the world. Vent your fury upon them; they must be silenced!

Narrator S : And he went with a mob towards Damascus and he had power and command of the High Priest, to bring men and women bound to Jerusalem. Voice of Christianity S : However the Lord forgets not his own; he remembers his children.

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The proud fall down before him, because the Lord is near! Narrator T : And as he was on the way, and came near to Damascus, he was suddenly illuminated by a light from heaven, and he fell to the earth and heard a voice that said to him:. Narrator T : And he spoke, with fear and trembling: "Lord, what do you want, that I should do?

There someone will tell you what you should do. Voice of Christianity : Arise! Let there be light! Then your light comes, and the glory the Lord rises over you. Then, behold, gloom overshadows the land and darkness the people. However over you goes forth the Lord, and his glory appears above you.

Calls out the voice of the guard, very high on the battlements, "Awake! Awake, the Bridegroom comes.

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Arise, take up the lamps, Hallelujah! Make yourself ready for eternity! You must go to meet him. Narrator T : However, the men who were his followers, stood and were paralysed with fear, because they heard a voice and saw nobody. Minnesang und Spruchdichtung, Bettina Wegner: Traurig bin ich Sowieso. Reinhard Mey: Starportrait.

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