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Uniquely, puppets are inanimate but animateable. They are come to life solely through human manipulation, and their one purpose in life is performance.

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Lately, puppetry has been integral to my work in theatre. I have also had the wonderful luck to study under the incomparable Faye Dupras, a brilliant puppet artist based in Boston. As the assistant director for Out of Sterno , I have been tasked with designing and building the puppets used in the production — which marks my professional puppeteering debut!

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In this satirical comedy, the main character Dotty has essentially been imprisoned in her apartment by her thuggish husband Hamel. The unfailingly optimistic Dotty spends her days merrily crafting art projects, until she is called to adventure, and must explore the outside world. So in building them, I had to carefully consider what materials Dotty would have at hand, how much time she would put into each puppet, and how she would conceive of her husband and herself. A lot of kids don't even know what a puppet is today. So we also need to educate people. He got excited when we started talking about a showcase centre for visitors that he was planning in central Delhi and proudly showed me a design and blueprint.

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As he was laying them out, one of his sons served us tea in small china cups, remarkably delicate for such a rough-and-tumble place. He wanted to create a village-in-the-city, where the artists live, teach and perform. At the centre would be a large theatre where people could come and watch the performances.

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Bhatt was sharing his dream with me, a dream he had thought about, planned, loved and showered with detailed attention. And as he did, he glowed with ambition and pride. Though he has not yet found enough funding and support to build his artist centre, Bhatt's home is safe for now. Previously, local authorities could simply evict slum residents, bulldoze their homes and banish them to the city's outskirts. After I said goodbye to Bhatt, one of his sons took us on a tour of the colony.

I now saw Kathputli differently.

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Instead of dirty drains and dank alleyways, I noticed busy people living in small but often very tidy homes — some decorated with traditional designs — and a community of artists working together to preserve both their arts and their lifestyle. Travel Menu. By Mariellen Ward 26 November Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Reddit.

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