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When his dog, Harry, is grounded for nipping another dog, Mike wonders how he will make it through an upcoming baseball game without his trusty advisor, but help comes at a crucial moment in the form of a furry, four-legged fan Jimmie's selfish move could ruin the whole team When Jimmie is elected captain of his baseball team, his first decision is to appoint himself pitcher - much to his teammates' dismay. They already have a good pitcher, Paul.

When Jimmie's pitch When inexperienced Phil Wayne takes over as coach of the Cayugans, Chip Chase figures that they're in for a losing season. But Phil surprises everyone by teaching the team a fantastic new play every week -- plays that help them win game after game. Star of the previous year's basketball team, Jerry can't do anything right in the new season, but refuses to believe his new friend who, claiming to be a warlock, predicts Jerry's play won't improve until he changes his slovenly habits But her notable achievements go further back.

In the Olympic Games, she scored 29 points in the gold me Cole Richards has been training in karate for four years. He's on the brink of advancing to his next belt level, but as he prepares for his test, new challenges come his way. First, his dojo announces a "create-your-own kata" contest to take place th Rocky Fletcher is being stretched to his limit.

The Dog That Stole Home - Matt Christopher

Until recently, he'd only played wide receiver for the Pythons. Now his coaches want him to learn the safety position, too-a position that opened up when Bobby, Rocky's best friend, broke his leg. It's early summer, and things are really heating up between Garry Wallis, star of Lacrosse Face-Off, and his nemesis, Michael Donofrio.

At the end of last season, Garry sabotaged Michael's chances of becoming the league's top scorer. Now Michael is t Rob Lasher is just an ordinary soccer player, good at the game, but not great. Then one afternoon, he saves his coach's life in front of all his teammates.

Suddenly, he's the team's hero. As some members of his team and the rest of the town continue The Home Run Kid is back! His second season with the Hooper Redbirds is over and he's looking forward to the st When it comes to surfing, fourteen- year-old Kai Ford knows his stuff; he's been riding the waves since he was ten.

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He respects the amazing power of the sea and knows - first-hand - how dangerous it can be. But what Kai doesn't seem to respect is the Ben, an experienced rock climber, is teaching him how to boulder across the surface of a gigantic rock. Knowing that the mountain trails are unsafe for bicycles due to fallen trees and other obstacles, Jonas helps organize a clean-up crew in early spring, but when he hears someone else biking on the trail he cannot resist a ride of his own When an old friend comes to visit, Charlie is not at all happy with the changes he sees--especially when Rick gets reckless on his snowboard, chasing X and some of Charlie's other friends off the slopes X's friends believe he can excel at any extreme sport, so when they want to check out the new climbing wall at the mall, he decides to hide his fear of heights rather than have them think him a coward Savannah is excited about throwing a holiday ice skating party and has already invited friends from her new school, when she learns that Jonas has invited the crowd from her old school to a party the same day When a new school year starts, and thirteen-year-old basketball star Julian feels a lot of pressure as he realizes he is the only remaining player from last year's winning team, a friend's health crisis helps him regain perspective Bucky Pinter wants his team to give Coach Bradley a present on the day of the Soccer 'Cats last game.

Unfortunately, the present they want to buy is expensive! Bucky comes up with a way for them to earn the money they need, but could one disgruntled Joey's in for a big surprise Joey Gallagher is on top of the world. When his team's pitcher is injured, he steps onto the mound and helps them win a crucial game. But his good mood ends abruptly when his mother announces that the exchange stud Who's teaching the Badgers dirty tricks?

Twelve-year-old Brent Mullen isn't sure he's seeing what he thinks he's seeing. Did his best friend and teammate just pull a dirty trick on the ice -- all for the sake of winning? And, if so, where did he l Will Tim stick by his friend? Thirteen-year-old Tim Daniels can't wait to go to four weeks of summer basketball camp.

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A scrappy point guard, he's sure he'll shine on the court. But then he learns that his friend Billy will be going to camp with hi Fullback Alan Minter is in trouble. First, he was picked last for a kickball game. Then he missed the ball every time it was his turn! Suddenly he's wondering if he even knows how to kick. Luckily, his friend and Soccer 'Cats goalkeeper Bucky Pinter Ted Gaddy is tired of his sister's amazing "secret weapon" throw-in getting all the applause and attention during games.

But what can a fullback do to make people cheer? Then Coach Bradley tells a story of a fullback who almost scored a goal. Ted lea Amanda Caler thought getting a nosebleed during a game was bad. But now things have gone from bad to worse -- she finds she's afraid of the ball! And as if that wasn't enough, it looks like someone is trying to steal her spot at halfback.

Could one Traci wants to find something to fill the void left by gymnastics, bu Tina Esparza loves everything about soccer, but especially the fact that it is a team sport where no one player is in the spotlight. Imagine her surprise when the coach asks her to train as goalkeeper. Will Tina be able to overcome her shyness and ac Theo's favourite aunt is diagnosed as having cancer. Although he's a couch potato he realises he has to do something. Then a friend tells him about a benefit race to raise funds for cancer research. He begins a training programme that opens a new doo In the beginning of the season, things were going so well for Kelly and she could almost taste a championship season with her softball team, but when she is suddenly moved to another team and discovers that her mom is dating some jerky guy, Kelly won When Stookie Norris asks Jerry Dinh to take care of his gerbils while he's away on vacation, Jerry is thrilled.

He's wanted to become better friends with Stookie ever since his family moved next to Stookie's house. But then something terrible happens Lou Barnes has a little trouble remembering to watch his position on the soccer field. So sometimes he gets called offside -- and during a game, that can cost the team a chance at a goal. Then one game, Lou gets a reminder of the offside rule from a A miserable memory dogs Keith's every move Keith Stedman dropped the pass.

The game-winning, undefeated-record-making pass that would have made him a hero instead of a loser. Now, a year later, that missed pass still haunts him, so much so that h Chris slaps a shot in the face of prejudice Twelve-year-old Chris is small for his age, so he can't believe it when he learns he's been selected for the exclusive all-star traveling hockey team. It's not all fun and games playing for the Screaming Jason Shearer is better known for his wisecracks than his goalkeeping abilities.

But that had better change fast because the Soccer 'Cats' starting goalie is going on vacation and Jason's taking his place! Will Jason be able to learn all there is to Image isn't everything. Zach Halper loves skateboarding with his buddies. But lately, one of the guys, Brian, has been pressuring the others to do stuff Zach knows they shouldn't be doing.

Yet Zach goes along, not only because he doesn't want to s When Stookie Norris's older brother, Greg, gets his picture in the paper for scoring three goals in one game, Stookie is dazzled. Greg insists strikers should try to score a hat trick every game, though Stookie's coach has never told him that. Lisa Gaddy is a starting fullback for the 'Cats and she plays her position well--except for one thing. She's small for her age, so her throw-ins from the sidelines don't go very far. Sometimes the ball winds up landing in front of an opponent instead There are two sides to every story All Renny Harding wants is to play center striker and help his team, the Blue Hornets, win the championship.

Steve must tell his father the truth Steve wishes he had as much drive to win at tennis as his older sister, Ginny. He knows nothing would please his father more. But the truth is, Ginny is the real tennis ace in the family Cap Wadell loves football, but it seems unlikely that he'll ever get to play on a real team-his hometown is so small that there aren't enough boys in his school to fill a regulation squad.

Then his grandfather tells him how he solved that same proble Out-of-control competition leads to disaster When Freddie Ruiz and his brother, Dondi, compete, it's like two mutts wrestling over the same bone -- neither one is willing to give an inch. Unfortunately for Freddie, older, stronger, better-looking When Dewey London and Bundy Neel see the poster about the new summer soccer league, they're psyched. Then they read the fine print and learn about the logo contest: Whoever draws the best team logo will be named captain of his or her team and see the Bundy Neel is trying hard to be the best soccer captain he can be.

He always has an encouraging word for his teammates, and he works extra hard during practices and games. So why does his attitude change out of the blue? His teammates don't know it, Jane is looking forward to the start of the volleyball season when her widower father drops a bombshell: he is planning to marry a woman with a teenage daughter of her own!

Jane's new mother and stepsister go out of their way to be nice and accommoda Is Will pedaling out of control? Will Matthews is lousy at all sports, but even he knows how to ride a bike. He just never dreamed that it could be such a rush!

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Soon after he joins a mountain biking club, he's hurtling down hills, pedaling over mu Forward Daren McCall is quick with an insult, quick to take offense, and quick to blame anyone but himself for his troubles. So when center Lou Bettman accuses him first of After Rudy buys a catcher's mask at a local yard sale, his game begins to improve dramatically, yet in deciding to do some research about the previous owner, Rudy learns something odd and so soon begins to think that a spirit may be helping him with Kirby fights to stay on the team!

It's tough to make friends in a new town -- and even tougher when your overprotective parents refuse to let you play roller hockey with the only group of kids you can find. Kirby wants desperately to play with the E Mac Williams, goalie for the Cougars, is known as much for his upbeat game chatter as for his outstanding saves. But when an anonymous artist starts making fun of him with a weekly cartoon, Mac is anything but upbeat Can a skateboard pro conquer the slopes? Dennis O'Malley is the best skateboarder in town.

Unfortunately, he has to shelve his board for more than half the year, when the streets are covered with snow. Then a new sport emerges on the scene, one Sandy Comstock once made a mistake - a bad one - but he's paid the price and now he just wants to get on with his life. Only one person stands in his way:Perry Warden, the boy who tempted Sandy to break the law in the first place. Convinced that Perr The coach asks Alfie to help Roberti, the newest and least talented member of the team, learn how to play better, but Alfie realizes that Roberti is being trained to fill his place and wonders of he should continue to give his assistance Who is sabotaging Jeff?

Jeff Connors is psyched to be back on the Winston Blades hockey team. Christopher returned home to New York, where he played semi-professional ball until a knee injury shortly thereafter ended his career. Christopher and Catherine M. Krupa Cay married on July 13, five weeks before his 23rd birthday. Their son Martin, first of four children, was born in or Christopher died September 20, , in Charlotte, North Carolina , [1] from complications of surgery for a non-malignant brain tumor.

His son Dale Christopher later wrote a biography of his father "in the tradition of the Matt Christopher Biography Bookshelf, with exclusive photos, original letters, and memorabilia. Christopher recalled at age 77 he won a prize in a short-story writing contest at I also read detective, horror, aviation, and sports stories and decided I would try writing them myself. For the next twelve years Christopher wrote novels in several genres including science fiction , mystery , adventure , and romance , but he was unable to get a single one published, even as his short stories continued to sell.

But his true success came in with the publication of The Lucky Baseball Bat. I spoke about my idea to the branch librarian. She was immediately interested and told me that they needed sports stories badly. By , Matt had 15 novels published, most of them by Little, Brown. He was finally able to retire and concentrate solely on writing.

Though Christopher wrote about many sports, his most frequent subject was baseball. He has written books centered on snowboarding , dirt bike racing , volleyball , golf and many other sports, in addition to a number of biographies of sportsmen and women. It's time to sign up for soccer league! Best buddies Dewey London and Bundy Neel are psyched about the new team, until they learn about the contest to be captain: Whomever draws the best team logo will be named captain.

Should artistic Dewey enter even though he knows in his heart that Bundy would make a better captain? Passport to Reading Level 3. Newly independent readers will love this classic baseball story now illustrated in full color with brand new artwork! Mike has a special relationship with his dog, Harry. They can read each other's minds! Harry is able to help Mike out with tips about the opposing players on the baseball field, but Mike's having trouble with his pitches-and the buddies need to work together to save the game!

Newly independent readers will love this classic football story now illustrated in full color with brand new artwork! Mike's telepathic dog Harry is able to tell him what the other football team plans to do on the field, but Mike wonders-is it cheating? Can he win the game without Harry's help? Charlie Abbott is the new kid in town-again. He hates everything about moving, especially trying to make new friends. Then he meets a kid called X who shares his love of skateboarding. Together, they rip some moves at the town skatepark. But then Charlie's skateboard vanishes from his garage, and he sees X riding around on a skateboard that looks just like his!

Is Charlie's new life about to become a disaster? Dwight Howard was a high school phenomenon who soared head and shoulders above all other players to become the number-one draft pick in He's an absolute monster on the boards. And in won the coveted Defensive Player of the Year award-before he was even twenty-five years old! With plenty of seasons still ahead of him, there's no telling how high Dwight Howard will soar. If you want a close look at one of basketball's superstars, look no further!

All the stats, quotes, and action are here, plus photos and career highlights. And because it comes from Matt Christopher, readers know they're getting the best sports writing on the shelf. Anyone who has ever had the privilege of watching Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals knows the sound of a hit.

The Home Run Kid Races On by Matt Christopher (2010, Paperback)

It's the sound his bat makes when it connects with the ball. It's a sound that's been heard countless times since his rookie season. That year, he took the league by storm by posting some of the most fantastic offensive stats of any rookie ever-and he's been doing the same ever since, shattering records and helping his team win games, including the World Series, with clutch hits and amazing home runs. This biography offers an up-close look at this superstar's life and the most memorable moments of his outstanding career to date.

The Summer Olympics are chock full of epic athletic achievements across hundreds of disciplines, especially Track and Field, Gymnastics, and Swimming. Now readers can relive those moments in this fact-filled volume just right for young sports enthusiasts. And because it's Matt Christopher, young readers know they're getting the best sports writing on the shelf! Should Manny keep his promise-even if it puts his friend in danger? When the Grizzlies' first basemen is sidelined two days before the playoffs, catcher Manny Griffin and second baseman Stu Fletcher take it upon themselves to help his replacement become a better player.

The three practice together and all is going well-until a wild throw hits Stu right in the head!

See a Problem?

Manny gives his word to keep quiet, but a few days later, Stu starts acting funny. Now Manny faces a difficult decision: should he break his promise and let Stu and the team down Matt Christopher is the name young readers turn to when they're looking for fast-paced, action packed sports novels. Home run slugger Sylvester Coddmyer the Third has an amazing secret. For three seasons, he's been coached by men who look exactly like baseball legends: Babe Ruth, Eddie Cicotte, and Mickey Mantle.

Are these men just impersonating famous ballplayers, as his friend Duane insists? Or are they from the "beyond," as Snooky Malone believes? The mystery deepens in this fourth title of the exciting Home Run Kid series when yet another character from baseball's past appears to coach Syl. But is Syl the only one getting pointers? And will Snooky ever get to the bottom of this mystery? Since then, they have become the best team in baseball, bar none.

Now this action-packed and fact-filled volume brings the Yankee's great history to life. From Babe Ruth's called shot and Lou Gehrig's tearful farewell speech, to Reggie Jackson's three hits on three pitches and Derek Jeter's game-saving catches, classic moments are recounted with such vivid description that readers will swear they can smell the popcorn and hear the crack of the bat. Updated content includes team records and post-season results from to , as well as lists of Yankees inducted into the Hall of Famers and photos of the most memorable plays and people in Yankee history.

No other sport in the world captivates a bigger audience - and no other competition electrifies its fans like the World Cup. Now, just in time for the next World Cup competition, comes a book just for kids, jam-packed with information about each and every World Cup ever played. Want to know who was behind the biggest surprise defeat of the tournament? It's in here. Curious about what happened to the Jules Rimet trophy when it was in England?

Turn to the chapter on World Cup Wondering what the term Total Football means? You'll find the answer here - along with much, much more, including a bonus chapter on the Women's World Cup and lists of winners, runners-up, and scores of past Cups. And because it all comes from Matt Christopher, young readers know they're getting the best sports writing on the shelf. After playing the sport he loved in his home country of Japan for 17 years, Ichiro left in and joined the Seattle Mariners.

Would Ichiro succeed in the world's most challenging baseball league? Includes black-and-white photos and players' statistics. The history of auto racing is chock-full of famous moments, with big-name drivers like Mario Andretti and Jeff Gordon. The histories of the Indy and Daytona races are rich with legendary drivers, family dynasties, rivalries, and tragedies. Fans of this sport are truly loyal and fanatical, and readers will eat up all the descriptions of nail-biting moments of tension.

Packed with facts and action, this is a book young NASCAR fans will reach for again and again - and because it comes from Matt Christopher, young readers know they're getting the best sports writing on the shelf. Tim Daniels is back at Camp Wikasaukee with the rest of the gang from Nothin' But Net, serving as a mentor to three young rookies, and he's got his hands full! He's still working on keeping his height from getting in the way of his game-he's shorter than most of the guys.

Plus, he's got a bully on his hands, and he's got to find a way to inspire his campers. Packed with on-the-court action and useful lessons about the game, this is a story that gets to the heart of what team sports are all about-and because it comes from Matt Christopher, young readers know they're getting the best sports writing on the shelf.