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They are in this together, so Cage won't go if Eva is not coming with him. Eva is all up for it, but it seems their world comes crashing down when they receive the news that her father is dying. He is the last family Eva has, so needs to be there for her father and spend as much time as she can with him.

Cage is ready to drop his future to support Eva, but she's not having it. Reluctantly Cage goes to Tennessee while Eva stays at her old home. The long distance thing soon turns into missed phone calls, weird text messages and overall mistrust. Cage is pretty much miserable without Eva by his side. He really has changed thanks to her and has grown so much. But when things go sour, Eva doesn't trust him. This really took me by surprise. Cage has proven time after time to her, how much he loves her, how much he has changed and the impact she has on him.

That woman is everything to him and she pretty much throws it in his face. The fact that she didn't even want to hear him out, made me hate her for a little while. Buy New View Book. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. New Quantity Available: 2. Speedy Hen London, United Kingdom. Seller Rating:. Sometimes It Lasts Abbi Glines author. New paperback Quantity Available: 1.

New Paperback Quantity Available: 2. Sometimes it Lasts Abbi Glines. Sometimes it Lasts Paperback Abbi Glines. New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Chiron Media Wallingford, United Kingdom. Sometimes It Lasts Glines, Abbi. Revaluation Books Exeter, United Kingdom. New Softcover Quantity Available: 1. Kennys Bookshop and Art Galleries Ltd. Galway, Ireland. Let him go. Make it okay for him to go take that dream he fought for.

We watch her face a new reality in her life, bravely and with determination, regardless of the fact that her heart is breaking more and more each day. Cage is facing his own demons far away from the woman he loves. And this is where the story becomes a whole new ballgame, one of two people still loving one another heart and soul, their bodies aching for each other, their lives making more sense being together than apart, but not trusting their hearts to find their way back to each other.

Cage fights for Eva, like a man on a mission, persistently and passionately. He misses her in his arms, he resents her for giving up on them so easily and rejecting his love so readily, but he also loves her more than anything else in his life and he cannot see his future without Eva in it. It makes me happy.

But I want to be near you. Brace yourselves because Ms Glines pulled out the big guns and gave these characters the send-off of a lifetime. Her books are getting more and more emotional with each new release and this instalment of the Sea Breeze series is no exception. Heart-wrenching, romantic, even sexier and steamier than the prequel and simply unputtable-down. Like I always say, pure Abbi Glines perfection.

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Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! View all 3 comments. Aug 15, Aman rated it liked it. You all know how much I love Abbi Glines and her equally romantic and sexy books, so it's kills me to say that the fifth book in the Sea Breeze series which featured my favorite couple ever, Cage and Eva, was unfortunately my least favorite Abbi Glines book.

Ah, the hurt! I did enjoy Sometimes it Lasts tremendously and that's why I'm giving it 3. Have no doubt, Sometime It Lasts is much better than many contemporaries I've read but compared to Abbi Glines other books, I don't think this one in particular stood out.

When Cage receives a scholarship to an out of state University, naturally Eva plans to follow him there, but things happens and she ends up living with her dad at the farm. So basically, Cage and Eva goes in the long distance relationship period and like anyone would have expected, they fucked it up. Without going in the spoilery zone, I just want to mention that Cage was the disappointment in this book. I was not happy with his actions and his ridiculous excuses. I can't believe he didn't fight for Eva and gave it up like a baby.

And I know a lot of other readers feel like Eva changed and became this weak girl who needed a guy in her life, but I disagree with that. Considering Eva's situation and surrounding, I don't blame her for anything. Heck, I would've acted the same way if not worst, but that doesn't mean that the person I love the most gets to stop being by my side when I need him the most.

Cage was. I want to slap him so hard for how he acted. His behavior was inexcusable and I surely wouldn't have forgiven him so easily. The more I'm writing this review, the more pisssed I'm getting, so I'm going to stop mentioning Cage from now on. The secondary characters were the best! Low is back and with a surprise that would make you go awe. I loved her and Marcus! They are so adorable together and I was so happy that we got an update on them. Plus, how can I forget the other single character that showed up and made me pray he gets a book of his own.

That's right, I'm talking about Dewayne! The tattooed hottie with dreadlocks and a funny personality. Yes, Please! I would say that the side characters really enhanced the storyline and made it entertaining. If not, this would've been a really sappy read. All in all, Sometimes It Lasts was a very addicting, heartbreaking and an emotional read. I wouldn't say it was all sad and frustrating, there were numerous scenes that made me swoon, blush and what not.

But that's what Abbi is great at- bringing out the emotions and making the characters feel alive. I love that quality in her books and that's why I keep coming back for them. It's unfortunate that I wasn't impressed with this one, but fear not, I'm going to be pre-ordering Jason's book, Misbehaving, when it's available on Amazon and reading the day it comes out. As for recommending Sometimes It Lasts , it's really sad but I would suggest that if you were happy with how things ended in While It Lasts, then there is no need to read it's sequel. I don't think it added anything besides view spoiler [ Eva getting pregnant.

Plus the kid wasn't even delivered by the end. Where this one is a light, sexy, romantic read, the other series I mentioned are full of angst, drama and hot alpha males. Ooh, Love! So perfect!

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So Excited!!! They are my favorite couple, and I can't wait to see where their story will go. Wonder who the girl is going to be. View all 13 comments. Eva and Cage are happily in love and making plans on starting a new life together in Tennessee, when tragedy strikes.

Eva must remain in Alabama, and she makes Cage go off to college to fulfill his dreams without her. Over time, the distance takes its toll, and the two find themselves where they never thought they would be: apart. This book was a sweet, yet angsty story. I know for many she 3. I know for many she is a favorite, but Ms. Glines is my choice guilty pleasure author. I normally wouldn't like a book like this, but something about how it's written sucks me in and keeps me reading when I normally. Is it the most original plot? Do I care? Not a bit. Abbi Glines could recycle the plot for Emma and I would still read it.

In most other reviews I've read about this book people have said they found this book unnecessary, and I disagree. Not everyone has a cut and dry happy ending. Life happens, shit happens and we all need to get our act together and pull through it and that's exactly what happened in this book. The circumstances may seem extreme but most relationships suffer hardship and Cage and Eva were not the exception. The one thing I did not love about this book was the reconciliation. I feel Cage did a fair amount of groveling, but Eva didn't. She knew his emotional issues, and she used them against him when she was hurt.

And then she never apologized. So I would have liked to see more groveling on her end. I also think Jeremy deserves his own book if he doesn't have one already. Some of my favorite quotes from the book: "Because I can't live without you. However you allow me to have you is what I will take. View all 14 comments. Can't get enough of Cage York!!

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Nov 04, Jennifer Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: author-abbi-glines. I love this series and each and every character in Sea Breeze, Alabama. Still that Cage York is pretty fantastic! There were a few typos, the price was high and the story was short pages. However, on the positive side, Cage and Eva have alternating povs are still hot and steamy in and out of the barn and have another SWEET hea.

Seriously, I thought this was stupid and unnecessary. The biggest mistake of my life. I let my insecurities keep me from fighting for you. As for the ending, I absolutely swooned over Cage at the piano!! Aug 10, Anne OK rated it liked it Shelves: reads. The story itself is fabulous and just what you might expect from Cage York and his "always. Plenty of angst and trials to overcome between Eva and Cage were also present in this sequel. Between Cage's move to Tennessee on a baseball scholarship and the tragedy Eva faces back home on the ranch, Abbi Glines has once again proven she can execute a captivating storyline.

J The story itself is fabulous and just what you might expect from Cage York and his "always. Jeremy once again stands by Eva's side offering her comfort and friendship and maybe more this time around as he has done so many times before. It was good to see old characters return in this one and especially share the happy event Low and Marcus experienced. All in all, the story itself wasn't a disappointment. But along with the good, there was the annoying bad that I just can't let go unnoticed.

The writing wasn't up to snuff and there were numerous grammatical errors and typos. No question this book demanded some editing and it didn't get it. View all 16 comments. Dec 14, Sheryl C. Nash rated it it was amazing Shelves: loved-it , romance-erotica , romance-contemporary. OH GOD I will write my proper review once i get home from work - because the words that i have to describe Cage are not fit for my colleagues eyes What?

They all think i'm a sweet angel! Just some thoughts in the meantime; i wasn't sure where Abbi was going to go with this story And Cage Sep 25, Teazia Cockburn marked it as to-read. View 1 comment. Apr 07, Michelle Krystel rated it it was amazing. I knew Cage York was good man, and this book right here proves it! He happens to be my second favourite sea breeze boy with preston leading in first place! CAGE: After waiting for his big break, bad boy Cage York is finally called up to prove his worth in the college baseball arena..

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This full-ride scholarship will secure his and Eva's future together.. The day arrives when Eva has to talk to her dad about moving to Tennessee State alongside Cage, and with the hope that he'll help support her, she learns of her dad's illness.. Somehow she needs to convince Cage to go ahead of her to chase his dreams whilst she stays behind.. EVA: Having to be apart from Cage whilst he chased his dreams and she stayed behind with her daddy was a risk she had to take, but there was that niggling fear in the back of her mind that she could end up losing him..

Cage will always own her heart.. He is her world, her everything.. Read what happens whilst they are apart, Cage in Tennessee and Eva on the farm spending time with her dad, and the strain it put on their relationship.. A steamy hot quick read, the bad boy gone good Cage is pretty whipped in this book but you can't help but fall in love with him all over again..

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He's gone from his bad boy past to something stable and strong, only with Eva by his side, without her he's half a man.. I also loved how we were brought up to date with past characters, and their lives now.. Definitely a series worth reading!! Dec 28, Kuroneko marked it as to-read. During their last scenes in "Just for Now" they obviously had some problem going on.

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IDK maybe plot would involve something that would ruffle Cage's commitmentphobic feathers.. View all 5 comments. Aug 26, Purple rated it did not like it Shelves: senseless , witless , ridiculous , no-way , series , sport , family , wth , boring , annoying. About the cover - wasn't Eva a blonde?!

It doesn't matter nor does it influence anything in my review but it's good to have the right facts about the appearance of the characters. Setting: Fantasy Land. In this land idiocy is a prized possession. Every individual strives to have it but it's easily and freely given. The author is very generous in that way! What's the inspiration for this kind of story?? The minds and the actions o About the cover - wasn't Eva a blonde?!

The minds and the actions of these characters are impulsive, void of any sign of intelligence and of any common sense, lost in their own shallow world. Actually this is not a story - a real story would involve a lot of work, like good shaped characters, a very well thought plot I could not willingly waste my time and read everything.

No point in ruining my mood. I thought that with the time writers should get better in improving their style. I know now that I won't look twice when Mrs. Glines will release another book. They just don't work for me! Mar 31, Esther rated it really liked it. Abbi, you always know how to make a hot and full of drama book. Eva was strong considering her situation. She frustrated me at times but it was hard to stay upset with her.

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And I love Jeremy, he's a good friend to Eva. Feb 25, Stephanie Palomo marked it as to-read. Her long dark hair was loose and wind blown curling around her shoulders. The shorts she was wearing had once been a pair of her favorite jeans. It had my number on it. Dewayne let out a low whistle. If Dewayne was looking so was every other male in the damn bar.

I jumped up and went to get what was mine. Stupid shit knew what it felt like to have your girl looked at.

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He dealt with that about as well as I did. He was just an ass when he wanted to be. I needed her first. Pulling her against me I licked her bottom lip before I slid my tongue into her mouth hungrily. Giggling Eva pulled back before I completely forgot where we were and smiled up at me. Jan 19, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-editions , favorites , new-adult.

Roller coaster of a ride this was!

Abbi pretty much makes a comeback even though she was never really gone with a another great instalment to the Sea Breeze series. It felt awesome to get back in Sea Breeze with Cage and all the gang. When you read While It Lasts, you think, aw way! Happy ending for Cage and Eva Abbi had this little beaut up her gorgeous Alabama sleeve!