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Don't bother with this one. Don't expect to make it unscathed. Boris is helpful, and cannot die permanently, but if he's knocked out, you are on your own until all the enemies are down. Don't take low-percentage shots, and punch if you have to. If you are patient, you can beat down the locked door in the basement with bullets, clubs, or even your fist.

In there is an MP40 with clips and some grenades. I recommend getting them if you have the patience. You can get it before you go upstairs, which makes the rest of the mission much easier just try not to hit boris. It will also make the next mission easier too.

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If you are not patient, you can find a picklock in the bedroom upstairs that can open the door if you have a decent engineering skill. You could theoretically do the only Switzerland random encounter now. It's quite rare, and quite tough, though, so it may be beyond your capabilities just yet. At the least, you'll probably want a rifle, which you get in the next mission.

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Your weapons have paltry range, especially if you didn't get the MP40 from the last mission, and in any case you'll miss a lot and be short of ammo, most likely. What you want to do is get behind the counter, go out the door, and down the stairs. Grab the grenades from the chest then go down the next set of stairs.

Use a grenade to blow up the boxes there, and go on to the other side, and then up the stairs. Go up to the second level with Hide on, and run towards the wall space between the 2 windows overlooking the balcony. Turn on combat if it isn't already, and surprise and kill the guy out on the balcony.

He has the rifle you want, which will allow you to end the fortunes of all the pistol-toting fools in the level with ease. Before you leave, make sure to pack your inventory with stuff to sell. The best stuff is the British Luger, followed by the TT Keep the rifle.

You'll need it, and it's the best you can get for a while. BASE You now have access to the arsenal and the infirmary. Make use of both, especially the arsenal. You want to sell most of your crap so you have room to haul some new crap home from the next mission. You can buy Sam your free ally for this mission a rifle if you want, but he's only here for this mission, and you can get him a rifle in the next level anyway. Now that you have a rifle, you're better equipped to go do the Switzerland mission which can net you a free Scout. You can wait, but don't wait too long as he's level 2 and you don't want to get too far ahead.

Then, Hide and work your way into that building, taking out any enemies you find at short range with submachineguns. In particular, you want to get the guy upstairs with the Mauser rifle taken care of in short order. If Sam doesn't have a rifle, give him this one. Stay on this side of the street, and move house to house on hide. The house at the other side of the map, on this side of the street, has the sentinel, as well as a rifleman up on the balcony. You want to avoid being spotted by him, but if you are, run to the of the house below him where he cannot see you.

Ideally, you'll go upstairs and take him out at short range with an SMG. The sentinel is in a room upstairs, but make sure to get all of your guys inside the house, first, because freeing him will spawn a bunch of guys out on the street who immediately get the initiative and slaughter anybody left outside if they are close enough. There are 2 guys in the downstairs living room. Open the door, take a quick shot or two, then close the door.

Repeat as needed. Go upstairs, open the door, fire, close it. Once you free the Sentinel Wallace , have him run to get a rifle probably from the guy on the balcony and put a rifleman in the upstairs window. When you're ready, take pot shots at the guys in the street who just spawned. Put an SMGer downstairs by the door, so when they run to the house, they run right into a trap and you can mow them down.

Once you're done here, cross the street and take out the 2 pistol-toting guys in the house there. Before you leave, make sure to open or shoot open the chest upstairs where Wallace was. This is the first level you get access to the loot screen, which means you don't have to manually pick up all the loot. Instead, shift-click it or pick it up and drag it over into your inventory.

Note that while Sam and Wallace will not be in your party when you get back to base, any equipment they possess will be put in the arsenal cabinet for you to use or sell at your leisure. BASE You now get a choice of 4 missions. Keep in mind you will only be able to do 3 of them unless you fail one on purpose. After each mission you get a cash reward and more items appear in the arsenal.

You also now have access to the merc list in the Commander's room, whereby you can hire more mercs for your squad--up to 5 more for a total of 6. I highly suggest doing so before starting other missions, preferably by doing random encounters and selling the equipment gleaned therefrom. You can do them with undermanned squads, certainly if you want a challenge, but if you just want to beat the game, there is no reason not to go with 6 and you will almost certainly need at least 4 for the next compulsory mission after you complete 3 of these 4.

Now is an excellent time to head to Switzerland to get Shade if you are so inclined. He's powerful, and he's free. You just need the patience to wait an unspecified amount of time for his random encounter to pop. In the the middle of the map is a guy with an [i] over his head. Kill that guy. Also, kill his friends. The [i] guy has a silenced SMG, too. Send a stealthed guy into a bush to spot, and have everyone pick them off from range.

Concentrate on the [i] guy and anybody with a rifle first. If guys hide in the ruins, blow them up with grenades from around corners. Unfortunately, you cannot get any items from the first or second part, so before you head to the next level, make sure to grab all the items you want to sell. Your objective is to get into the locked bunker.

The solution is to go to the hatch on the far end of the zone from where you start, and group up, and then 'use' the ladder to get into an underground tunnel. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad guys in the way. As usual, use a spotter and aim for their riflemen first. Once you've cleared the wide open areas, go into the buildings and bunkers with a Hidden SMGer and clean them out, with grenades if necessary. You will know when you've got them all because an Objective will complete destroy Thor's Hammer forces in the area. Getting down the latter can be problematic because it is very picky about how people are arranged when it transfers them.

Make sure no one is behind the 'lid', but instead are arranged around the open hatch. Then click on the 'lid' it will be a door opening cursor to transfer. Downstairs, you want to stealth-ambush the enemy with SMGs and grenades. As long as you take it easy, you should be able to get the drop on most of the enemies if you're in Hide mode. Gather everyone up by the ladder, and grab anything you want to take with you because it won't be on the loot panel.

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The next part is really rough. You are on the floor of the bunker, and there are 8 guys with automatic weapons on the catwalk above. Don't shoot them now--you are unlikely to win without losing at least 1 or 2 guys. Instead, run for cover, preferably down the narrow alley between the stacks of crates and the bunker wall that you are facing when you zone in.

You will likely get hit by stray fire, so once you get around the back of the stack, Hide and heal up any wounded. Hold the position and take pot shots at anybody trying to come down the stairs off to the side or the ladder. The plans you are looking for are in the office upstairs, usually unguarded.

You just have to clean the catwalks first. Make sure to check the lockers for loot. If you've patched to 1. If you have not patched, it will be quite gone. Unless you find him fast, this can be a very hard mission. However, he's not that hard to find. Run up the street and take a right at the intersection. You should see him down that street. It's essential that you run all of your guys over there to cover him, because he'll walk around like an idiot and get shot up in no time. He usually hides out in a building on the left side at the end of that right-hand street. Once you get your main character to him, he'll join as a 7th member, and you can run him out of danger, which is very important because otherwise the AI will get him killed.

The bad guy squad spawns in the open corner behind the scientist's building. Get a scout up there and begin picking them off from the alley at the end of the street you found the scientist on. You can search through the ruins, but I was unable to find any better loot than some civilian clothes. Your first step is to get into the mine by clicking on it not so hard. Put everyone on Hide and advance slowly.

First, advance into the cul- de-sac straight ahead and take out the group of 4 or 5 bad guys. You don't want them alerted and then surprising you from behind later. Then, continue through the mine using SMGs to take out the enemies hidden in corners. You'll find a ladder to a lower level.

On the other side of the cave wall from the ladder is a small cul-de-sac that ends in a wooden barricade. Destroy the Barricade for some Gold behind it. Make sure to pick it up now! You won't get it on the loot screen because it is on the upper level.

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Likewise, down the end of the hallway opposite the ladder on the other side is a similar barricade, hiding yet more goodies. Take the ladder, and head to the cul-de-sac right in front of you for more goodies. Around the next corner is a like-wise treasure trove with a sniper rifle behind it. Once you've got these items, continue through the mine until you find a largish room filled with boxes and a guy that is trying to escape.

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Advance on Hide, get as close as you can, and open up on them. Send in 1 or two guys with SMGs and grenades if it is getting hairy--scouts are good at this because they have a lot of AP. If this is your last of the 3 missions, when 1 is left, you'll get a cutscene where you capture the last guy and question him. The [i] guy is not included in the count, however, so if he is still around, odds are that you'll get moved into that room and he'll be in plain view at SMG range, with your turn active.

The Penemunde archives are in a chest in the cluster of crates in this room. On the body of the [i] guy is a Cyphered Message. You want to take this as it will open up a mission at nearly the end of the game. You can buy silenced SMGs from the store now, before you go, and I suggest you do so.

In fact, it may be the hardest in the game. It is certainly one of the hardest, regardless of the metric you use. I suggest you go patch the game up to 1. It works on the North American release. There are a lot of hidden bad guys in this level that have very high stealth values and will ambush and slaughter your guys over and over and over.

Save often.

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And bring grenades. You zone in at a little room next to an intersection. There are a bunch of stealthed bad guys in the right-hand fork that you should probably take care of first, so set all your guys to Hide, then run, and move them into position flanking the doorway to the right and put a guy in the pit in the center of the intersection, preferably one with good spot and good shoot. If at any time you drop stealth because someone has seen you, hit [Start Combat] immediately. Send the unstealthed guy forward to try to see an enemy, then have anybody who can take a quick shot do it and then take cover.

Once they've all taken shots, get the spotter to cover the spotter should not take a shot unless they can get back to cover in the same turn. You may be inclined to throw a grenade, so put one in hand. If you cannot get the guys to reveal themselves without getting your men shot up, try throwing grenades into the hallway. Doing enough damage can cause them to be easier to spot, and the Bleeding condition can break it as well. Once you've wiped these 3 out, there will probably be a patrol of 3 or 4 guys coming down the other hallway.

Stay hidden, move into position in the doorway and the pit, and aim for the close SMGers and any riflemen first. Then, head down that hall and towards the scaffolding on stealth. Set up a firing squad and take out the guys there, and then keep going. You will come across a hall blocked by a fuel tank and the only way past it is to go into the pit under it. Now, if you have patched, there are 3 mines up in the tunnel, along with a guard or two. If you have not, there are 4 mines that cannot be disarmed because you can't get up out of the pit without blowing yourself up.

Your only choice now is to 1 blow up one of your own guys or 2 wait and hope one of the bad guys blows them- selves up which they occasionally do. In the case of 2 , you don't want to shoot the guard s as they will be the one blowing up the mines. Of course, if you are patched to 1. Either way, for the strategy I suggest to be successful, you must clear these mines. Instead, head back to the start point where you zoned in, and then head down the hall with the stealthed guys in it. Advance cautiously, because at the next intersection, there are a bunch more practically-invisible stealth guys who you will probably have to kill with grenades, just like the last batch.

Keep peeking around the corner and throwing grenades until you see dead bodies. Go all the way around until you find the wooden barricade, and clean it out. Continue to the next intersection, keeping watch for a patrol that heads through. You will want to take a right and get the dart guns from the box at the end of the short tunnel.

Not just a quicksave, either. Save it under a named game. Now, you should have killed all the bad guys and have access to 2 stairways: one where the mines were and one closer to the dart gun chest. You want to put 3 guys on each end; your 2 best shots should be near the door closest to the chest, and each should have a dart gun. Take a third, preferably a fast SMG user. Place them around the door but not in the square directly in front of the door--that will trigger the event to begin. Take the other 3, which needs to include your Engineer, and put them at the door near the mines. Please note that, no matter how much time you take with the rest of the level, once the event begins, you have exactly 3 rounds to kill or incapacitate 4 guys before the bombs go off and you all die--unless of course you stop or delay them from setting the bombs.

Your 2 best shots should have a dart gun in one hand and an SMG in the other. The other 3 guys should have an SMG in one hand and a grenade in the other. If someone has taken damage, make sure they are healed. If they've taken a lot, consider giving them a medical stimulant. When you are ready, move one guy from the dart-gun end into the space immediately in front of the door. The cut scene will ensue. ROUND 1: Take the first good-shot guy from the dart-gun end into the room, bearing left of the pillar.

You should be on run. You will find one of the 4 guys. Shoot him in the head with the dart gun. If you are lucky, he will get knocked out immediately. If you are -not- lucky, either SMG him or reload to get another shot next round. Take the second good-shot guy to the right of the pillar. There is another guy there, near the kegs, next to the painting. Again, if you are lucky, he'll go down in one shot. If not, either reload or SMG him.

SMGing will likely not kill him, but it might stun or slow him enough to give you another shot next round. On the mined end, take your Engineer into the room and hide him behind the pillar. You don't want him to get shot up. Take another guy from that end and run them to the right of the pillar. Chuck a grenade between the first two kegs there--if you have good listen, you might be able to see a 'ghost' of a hidden guy back there.

That is what you are aiming for. It's a tough shot, so don't be surprised if you miss, or can't even get there. If you can't, you can SMG in that general direction to get the guy's attention. We'd rather have him shooting at us than setting the explosive. Take the last guy you have into the room and either chuck the grenade or SMG that guy.

You probably have at least 1 guy who's hurting, though. The bomb in the back, where the mined-end is, has probably been armed.

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Get your engineer there -now-. Everbody else, focus your attacks on any bad guys still standing. If any bombs on the other end have been armed, you're toast. If not, you have to kill any remaining guys this round, or you lose. Make sure to disarm any armed bombs that may still be present if you killed all the guys without disarming the bombs. The key to this fight is killing the 2 guys on the non-mined side in the first round. If the dart guns won't do it, try grenades. But whatever you do, they have to die on round 1.

The only other way around it is to have multiple engineers, but then your firepower output goes down and the terrorists who are respectably armed and armored will tear you apart. It is well-worth the price, and in my opinion is perhaps the best weapon in the game; it's silent meaning you can fire it from stealth and has a low AP cost, so you can fire it a -lot-. It also uses. Its weakness is its low penetration useless against PKs and through walls and its relatively short range, but as you can fire it from stealth, you should be medium range or closer anyway.

Also available is a ZB , but more importantly the -magazine- for the ZB , which has 30 rounds of Mauser in 1 spot. Replace all your Mauser Rifle Clips with it. Feel free to also pick up an M3A1 Silenced, which has a low rate of fire but high damage, especially for a silenced SMG. It may make a good match for whoever has the DeLizl, as they'll have 2 guns with the same ammo type, eliminating the need for multiple ammo types. If you don't, you get a silenced MP41 and a silenced pistol which you can buy already from the store. There are 2 ways to start this; you can bribe the Finnish guards, or not bribe them.

It's up to you. If you don't, you start next to the Russian building that the Hammer guys have sacked. There are a ton of guys in it and you need to wipe them out.

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Send in a stealthed guy and have him spot for the others to shoot them. What would come to be called the Great Wagon Road brought the first European settlers here in the early s. The Civil War wrote several major chapters of this history. The Great Wagon Road had grown into the Valley Pike, an all-weather paved highway up and down the valley.

Other major roads led to tidewater Virginia to the east and the mountains to the west. Winchester was a crossroads that dominated travel in any direction across the lower Valley — and crossroads attract armies. They also attract generals. Keep in mind the Ruin Sentinels are extremely weak to both Blunt, and Magic damage. If you have any blunt weapon at your disposal the Craftsman's Hammer from the chest under McDuff, for example , enchanting your weapon with Magic Weapon or simply using an Aromatic Ooze will give you a lot of extra damage so you can dispatch them with ease.

Easiest Way: Just prior to the grey mist, there is a spirit to summon in one of the cells containing a skeleton, which makes this fight significantly easier, as she casts Greater Soul Arrow repeatedly. After your destroy the first one, jump down and have one person tank the second one while 2 people attack the third one.

Or simply kite the remaining two around while the spirit chips away at them, as with enough room and warning, avoiding the sentinels attacks is straightforward. Enter the boss fog, block the first Sentinels attack, and then sit in a corner while blocking lowering your block in between attacks, to regain stamina. Bellclaire will do her thing and blast the first Sentinel until it's dead. When the next two sentinels come down, jump down as well and simply do the same thing: get their attention, sit in the corner with your shield up, block the hits, and lower guard between attacks.

You should be able to guard everything they throw at you. If they stamina break you, they both probably just attacked and will take a bit to prep themselves, giving you time to regen all your stamina. Bellclaire will get in range and start doing her thing, taking both sentinels down. This has worked flawlessly on many characters, usually involving taking 0 damage except for fall damage.

Notes :. If you acquired the Tower Greatshield from Cathedral of Blue a useful strategy for anyone with at least 15 STR is to 2-hand the shield and let the summonable NPC fight the Sentinels while you tank all of their hits. If you lose aggro on any of the sentinels simply hit them with the shield until their focus turns to you. The Craftsman's Hammer , which can be found in McDuff's area, is extremely effective against the ruin sentinels. Whether this is for all blunt weapons needs to be tested and confirmed. Powerstance strong attack executed with dual Raw Malformed Skulls can also stagger Ruin Sentinels effortlessly.

Great tip! Just beat this boss, and boy did I hate it. First time I've been actually frustrated in a Souls game since the Lost Izalith. Grinding them down does make for a great farming route, moreso if linking it with Yummy Mummy Central on the way to Lost Sinner, but it's awful nonetheless. The fight itself is also janky as hell for the first Guardian who has a tendency to keep falling from its platform, but it's rificulously easy to facetank and punish. Second phase is tense and methodical, but it boils down to the same waiting game trying to fish for openings that led you to the room in the first place.